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  2. A knowledgeable and trustworthy seller’s agent is your best tool for a successful property sale.

  3. Price your home

  4. A seller’s agent will help you price your home reasonably using a comparative market analysis.

  5. Make your home ready for sale

  6. Beyond basic cleaning and decluttering, a seller’s agent can advise you on the best way to showcase your property.

  7. Marketing

  8. It’s time to list your house!  A seller’s agent can identify your property’s best assets and market it successfully.

  9. Showings and Open Houses

  10. A seller’s agent will act as your go-between for interested parties and ensure your time and privacy is honored while your house is being shown.

  11. Purchase Offers and Negotiations

  12. A seller’s agent will receive purchase offers on your behalf.  I can advise you on counter-offering or accepting reasonable offers or concessions.

  13. Closing Time

  14. The closing process can be a time-consuming and stressful time.  A seller’s agent can streamline this process by advising you every step of the way.

  15. Roxana Emilo, Broker/Owner

Seller Process

While not required by law, having a seller’s agent is highly recommended.  Real estate laws, practices and procedures can be confusing and intimidating to a layman and leave you in a vulnerable position.

Do I need a realtor when selling my property?

Don’t worry!  It could be a contaminated well or even a leaky basement, but it’s not entirely unusual for a home to fail part of the home inspection.  The potential buyers may choose to offer a lower price, ask for money back at closing, or another concession to compensate for the failed inspection.

What happens if my home fails the home inspection?

The typical fee is 6% total.  3% of this commission fee goes to the buyer’s agent and 3% goes to the seller’s agent.

What are your fees?

Most people need to sell their current home before they have the money to use for a downpayment on a new property.  The solution to this is to make the closing of your current property contingent upon you finding your new house.

How do I purchase a new home before I sell my current one?

Maybe.  Depending on the improvement, it may be wise to just offer money back at closing for the new owners to complete the project.  A seller’s agent can advise you on which improvements will help sell your house and which should be left to the new owners.

Should I complete my home improvement projects before selling my house?

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